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Fabric Specification Guidelines - Cotton Sateen

Our high quality fabric bases are UKAS tested to British standards and we offer a range of fabrics suitable for Cushion Covers, Curtains, Bedcovers and Domestic Upholstery when used with a Schedule 3 Interliner fire barrier clothPlease refer to the individual Fabric Specifications Guidelines below for suggested suitability and use. 

We recommend checking your requirements and it is yours or your third party’s responsibility to ensure it is fit for purpose. Fit for Purpose; the customer must satisfy themselves that any product supplied by the Company is fit for purpose for which the customer purchases it for.


Cotton Sateen Heavy
Printed in UK
100% Cotton 
 246 gsm
Printable Width: 136-138cm printable width
Shrinkage Allowance:
5-10% approx.
Wash Care:

Professional Dry Clean Recommended

BS EN ISO 12947-2: 1999
(Abrasion) Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method (Conditioned specimens) & BS EN 14465:2003 Annex A
24,000 - 25,000
EN 20105-A02
Change in Colour (Rub): assessed as in EN 20105-A02:
BS EN ISO 13934-1: 2003 Part 1
(Tensile) Determination of Maximum force using the strip method.
A = Severe Contract
BS EN ISO 13934-1 :2013 Part 1
 (Tear) Determination of tear force of using the strip method. (Conditioned)
B = Severe Contract
BS EN ISO 105 – B02: 2014
Colour fastness to artificial light
BS EN ISO 105 – X12: 2002 Part X12: 
Colour Fastness to Rubbing (dry)
Warp 5 Weft 5
BS EN ISO 105 – X12: 2002 Part X12:
Colour Fastness to Rubbing (wet)
Warp 3/4 Weft 3
BS EN 105-D01:2010
Colour fastness to Dry Cleaning
FR Rating
Suitable for Cushion covers, Curtains, Bedcovers and Domestic Upholstery, if used with Schedule 3 Interliner fire barrier cloth.
Not Fire Rated

Please note: this test results above refer only to the item tested and therefore doesn’t relate to the lot or batch of the product / sample. The test results are offered as guidelines only.


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