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 'm i t’ stands for make itogether. It is a new organisation aimed at helping creative businesses to successfully ‘make it’.

In German, 'mit’ also means 'with'...even better!

mitcollective is a creative network that provides resources, business links and exposure to creative industry professionals. Based in South London, mitcollective seeks to promote and connect the products and services of small creative businesses by building a well-informed, self-promoting community. Whether you are just starting out, or have become well established in your field all creative industry professionals are welcome to be part of the mitcollective.

Gina Pipét is the founder of mitcollective. 

"Having worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade, it was time for a slight change of direction. In 2012 I set up my accessories label PIPÉT to combine my experience in design & development with my background in printed textiles. Throughout this time I have encountered first hand many limitations of being a young creative business. No longer having a team of experienced colleagues by my side, and on limited budget I found myself needing the advice and skills of many - whether it be a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, stylist or model."

Living in such an accessible city as London finding other creative professionals to collaborate with really shouldn’t be that hard - should it?

"Meeting many independent designers and makers working in a creative field, it became apparent that there were also others out there facing similar issues. Starting close to home, I began to jot down a list of friends and contacts I knew had recently set up their own creative business. Within the blink of an eye I had a list of over 25 highly skilled individuals all with the same goal in mind – to ‘make it’ in the creative industry."

Determined to ‘make it’ a bit easier for everyone involved, Gina started to reach out to each name on her list, inviting them to take part in a series of designer pop up shows during the summer of 2014. With the aim of creating a growing network of industry professionals, the new creative initiative mitcollective was born.

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In London we are surrounded by creative people all trying to build up their business, so why not make it together. Whilst still in its infancy, mitcollective plans to increase it members and services steadily over time.

If you are a small creative business or freelancer looking to connect with others industry professional please get in touch:


Gina - mitcollective

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