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Find out about the creative talent behind the PIPÉT prints and patterns. Read our story to learn more about the brand, our manufacturers and our meticulous attention to detail...
Our Story
PIPÉT was founded in 2012 by designer Gina Pipét. We are an independent British brand specialising in printed Fashion and Interior accessories. Our ethos places an emphasis on beautifully considered design.
After graduating in Printed Textiles from Winchester School of Art, Gina Pipét went on to refine her skills in design at the highly respected British fashion house Liberty of LondonFollowing almost a decade in the industry Gina gained a wealth of experience in the luxury fashion and high-end goods sector. With an aspiration to develop her own print based collection Gina decided it was time to make a change. Having setting up her own design studio, Gina now combines her creative talents with her in-depth knowledge of fine manufacturing processes under her eponymous label PIPÉT.
Design Detail
Each design that is used in our products comes from the designer's own collection of photographs, sketches and drawings before being developed into intriguing and often complex repeat patterns.
Within each artwork we challenge the creativity and uniqueness in the wearer. Known for our decorative designs and precise geometric patterns we place a contemporary take on classic items. Traditional elements of design are maintained yet modified through the designer’s unique allocation of colour and innovative arrangement of prints. 
Our Manufacturers
Since the release of the first collection in 2012, PIPÉT has become synonymous with beautifully considered design. Recognised for making fine quality products the brand remains dedicated to its reputable manufacturing processes. Working with the finest printers in England, every meter of cloth is produced especially for the PIPÉT label and skilfully made up into beautiful products by some of London’s most experienced artisanal makers. 
"It's our meticulous attention to detail and hands-on approach to production that enables our company to make beautifully considered and well made product. Working with local manufacturers we have the opportunity to respond quickly to new ideas and develop our products and services the best we can. The UK has a wealth of heritage in the manufacturing industry and what keeps it thriving is it's reaction to change and ability to continually challenge new developments. It moves with the times".
Founder Gina Pipét

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