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Umbrella Care

Pipet Orange Full Length Umbrella

Heritage and Tradition

Every PIPÉT umbrella is proudly made in East London by a small family of skilled makers. Established over 210 years ago they are recognised as the longest established umbrella manufacturer in the UK. We're proud of our umbrellas and want to help you keep yours looking great for as long as possible.


Umbrella Care 
    1. Keep your umbrella at its best by leaving open to dry naturally.
    2. Lightly brush off any dirt with a soft cloth.
    3. Avoid using your umbrella in strong winds and blustery weather conditions. (No product, however strong, can withstand a Desmond or Katrina style storm).
    4. The metal tip cup at the top of the handle slides down over the tips to keeping these neatly contained when not in use. Keep your umbrella neat and tidy by wrapping and securing with the fastening strap.
    5. Do not use as a walking device. The impact can cause breakage and damage to the stem/shaft as well as the ferrule (long tip) at the end of the umbrella.

    Pipet design Umbrella Tip ferrule

        Umbrella Etiquette
        1. The curved wooden handle is designed to sit comfortably in the crook of your elbow, leaving your hands free to hold your bag or all important morning coffee.
        2. If you're not used to carrying a larger umbrella pay attention to the space around you. Be careful not to catch or scrape your umbrella on brick walls or sign posts when walking on narrow streets.
        3. Be mindful of fellow walkers. It's not good form to swing an umbrella into the person behind you.
        4. Pavements can be difficult places to navigate when passing other umbrellas. If you have the opportunity to make a nice gesture, raising your umbrella a few inches above the smaller canopies allows for easy and pleasant passing on the street. 

          Pipet design Umbrella hem Pipet design Umbrella TipsOur Umbrellas
          Each of our Umbrellas combines a love for colourful accessories with a dedication to heritage manufacturing. The result is a stylish product of unique and highly sought-after quality.
            1. Soft to the touch our umbrellas are made using a high quality, tightly woven waterproof polyester fabric.
            2. Each canopy consists of eight hand cut panels all finished with a neat, double turned hem. They are made using traditional skills not seen today in mass produced umbrellas.
            3. The tips are securely hand stitched to the canopy and fixed without any extra glues. This allows them to be easily placed back on to the ends of the ribs should (in the very rare event) these find their way off.
            4. The simple automatic-opening mechanism produces a gentle pump ushering the canopy open at the press of a button. Great for quick easy opening when you are caught in an unexpected downpour or have your hands full.
            5. The strong metal frame is a combination of steel and fibreglass ribs, providing both strength and flexibility to the umbrella canopy whilst remaining lightweight for easy carrying.

            Pipet Design Black umbrella Tip Cup


            Each umbrella comes with a Manufacturer's Repair or Replace 1 Year Guarantee. Please contact us should you have a questions about your item.




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