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Making our Collections

Pipet Design UK Made

Made in the United Kingdom. 

Our network of experienced printers, suppliers and manufacturers are the finest in the UK. Tried and tested at the UK's most regarded fashion houses and design brands their craft, ability and skill in handling our products is invaluable in bringing you such beautifully made items.

In nurturing strong relationships with our specialist makers we are able to achieve the highest levels of quality and consistency. Working together through all stages of design, development and production we benefit from their shared knowledge and expertise, and take comfort that they are only a short trip away.


Sustainability in Design 

With a notable background in design, development and production, we are moving to bring a sustainable focus to the interior design sector through our tailor-made solutions. With our unique service we offer bespoke projects for design professionals in the high end and luxury arena. Through our small scale production we tailor make to order, reducing waste and avoiding excess stock and high order commitments.


Designed for you

It is important to consider how each item may be worn or used, ensuring that our accessories can be styled into ones existing wardrobe with ease and versatility. We work to life size scale of the finished item to ensure each design will look as perfect on the body as is does on our design table.


Hand drawn process

Each design that is used in our products comes from a personal collection of travel photographs, sketches and drawings. Once the initial design is sketched out it is digitally redrawn to create a perfectly repeating tile. When the pattern is completed its key elements are developed into motifs which become starting points for each new artwork.


Considered Colours

We use a feminine set of colour combinations that are sophisticated, but by no means shy! We opt for fresh vibrant colours that can work well with cleaner silhouettes and darker base hues such as blue, navy, black or whites and also denim for a more relaxed look.


Exceptional print partners

Our label produces its goods responsibly and we do this by working with specialist manufacturers whose experience and skill we know and trust. We work with several of the finest printers in England and every meter of cloth is produced especially for the PIPÉT label. 

We work closely with our printers, individually placing, printing and quality checking each unique artwork panel. Once received in-house our fabric undergoes our own QC procedure to make sure it is correct for colours, accurately printed and ready for make up. 


Tested Manufacturers

Working with experienced manufacturers is key to developing great product. Building relationships with our makers and developing the items together helps us deliver product that we know is of the highest quality.


Our finishing touches

Each product we make is quality checked in-house a further time following production. We recheck the fabric is clear of any marks, the hem is neat and the labels secure before boxing up. We carefully fold each sheet of delicate tissue paper, wrap each scarf and insert the note card before tying with a satin ribbon to finish. Only when we are fully satisfied in-house does the product become ready for sale.


Pipet Design making 

"Coming from an industry background in design, development and production, every step of creation is important to me. By using only experienced digital printers and highly skilled artisanal makers, I can ensure to provide truly uncompromised quality and individuality in my pieces. The unique design, carefully selected materials and the expert attention to detail all make up the language in which PIPÉT speaks” Gina Pipét 


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