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Scarf Care

Emile Square Scarf


A silk scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can invest in and we understand how your favourite silks can quickly become one of your essential go-to wardrobe pieces.

Whether you keep it for a special occasion or wear one everyday, following these few steps can help maximise the life of your favourite silks and keep them looking in the best condition for as long as possible.


Scarf care

      1. Steam lightly before each wear to freshen and remove folds and creases from storage. (You want people to notice your scarf, not the creases).
      2. Use a cool iron on a silk setting to gently remove heavier creasing. 
      3. Whilst many silks can be hand washed we recommend Specialist Dry Clean for all our scarves. Do not use bleach and avoid any harsh detergents.

    Tying your scarf

        1. Fastening your scarf works well with a secure soft knot or alternatively you can use a decorative scarf ring.
        2. Very small, tightly tied knots may cause bruising to the silk fibers and print finish. General creasing from wear is easily removed with steam or an iron. 
        3. Sharp brooches or scarf pins are often very heavy and may damage the fabric.
        4. Take a look at our styling videos for some inspiration on how to wear your silk scarves in a variety of ways.


          1. Gently roll, fold or hang your scarf when not being worn. We recommend using a soft fabric hanger and to avoid uncoated metal finishes or natural wooden hangers that could mark or snag your item.
          2. Use a natural scent protector in your wardrobe if you are prone to moths. Silk is a natural fibre, however unlike woolens the tighter weave should mean your scarves are less likely to be on the menu. (Worth keeping an eye on and shaking out your garments every so often).
          3. Silk is a natural fibre and can be prone to yellowing over time. Avoid plastic covers and ensure items are cleaned regularly, especially before placing in storage for longer periods of time.

        All our scarves and silk accessories come in our branded boxes lined with acid-free tissue paper. This provides great storage should you need to pop them away for a while. 


          1. Pay attention to jewellery or other sharp items (such as jacket or bag zips) which may cause possible snagging.
          2. Remove your scarf before applying any makeup, perfume or hairspray which may mark or stain your item.
          3. When taking off your scarf, roll gently following the same fold lines that you are wearing and pop in at the top of your handbag. When the time comes to put it back on it will still look great and you won't be fighting with messy crumpled silk.  


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