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Cushion Care

Pipet Design Lasdun and Lyttelton cushions


Caring well for your cushions is something that can be easily overlooked. With a few helpful tips you can keep yours looking in top condition for years to come.


New cushion care

  1. When inserting cushion pads into the covers make sure the pad is tucked right into the corners of the cover. This avoids creasing and ensures a good looking fit and nicely filled fabric.
  2. Daily plumping and regular airing will be beneficial for lasting comfort with even spread of feathers/filling.
  3. To plump up a square feather cushion hold opposite corners and bring together several times to introduce air into the cushion. Repeat the action holding the other corners.
  4. Pat firmly with the palm of your hand to evenly distribute the filling.
  5. Pillows may arrived compressed with the air removed for shipping purposes. Air will need to be worked back into the pillow to fluff back up.
  6. Feather is a natural product and new pads may need to 'breathe' out of the packaging before use.

    To keep your cushions looking their best

    1. Choose the right cushion fabric and size for its purpose and intended use.
    2. Plump daily and alternate positions to allow for even use across the set.
    3. Keep out of direct sunlight. Alternating the facing side regularly if possible.
    4. Avoid using sprays, chemicals or fresheners, which may affect the fabric colours.

      Wash care instructions

      1. Please consult the internal wash care label on your product.
      2. We recommend cleaning all matching items together.
      3. Cushion pads are generally sized 1" larger than the cover to give a generous plump finish. When inserting or removing pads please take care and avoid placing stress on the zip and seams.


        Pipet Design Moore cushion

        Inserting & removing your cushion pad 

        To insert pad:

        1. Place on a clean flat surface.
        2. Gently fold the cushion pad in half, compressing air out to reduce size.
        3. Place folded cushion pad into cover opening. Gently unfold, working the pad into each corner.
        4. Once the pad is fitted within the case slowly work the zipper closed along the length.

        To close the zip:

        1. Holding the base of the zip bring the two sides close together as you go. Avoid pulling the delicate fabric and do not place excess force on the zip.
        2. ‘Plump up’ after closing to distribute the filling.

          To remove pad:

          1. Place on a clean flat surface.
          2. Compress air out to reduce size.
          3. Slowly unzip being careful not to pull the delicate fabric.
          4. Reach into the cover and fold the pad in half. Once air has been removed, gently slide out of cover.
          5. Do not force pad or cover as this may cause damage to zip or seams. Compress down as needed until the pad can be easily removed.

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