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Our wide creative network allows us to go beyond fabrics and accessories and we enjoy creating colourful and inspirational artworks within the public realm. If you have an idea for a creative collaboration or community project you’d like to work together on please get in touch at


Coin Street Community Builders Pipet Billboard


Coin Street Community Builders | Southbank Billboard

Creative communities and local organisations working together throughout lockdown to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

A public art project by Coin Street Community Builders sees them supporting local artists and sharing positive messages via their digital billboard. Located at the foot of Waterloo Bridge the poster is displayed in one of the most prominent places along the Southbank, visible by cars, buses and visitors to the Southbank. I was honoured to be asked to join the project and create a unique artwork for the billboard.

The design is inspired by the graphic O’s and X of the iconic OXO Tower windows. I wanted to convey the message of social distancing within the artwork by showing the temporary physical separation needed to help improve the current state of our country’s health. We can only achieve this by working together.



Chiswick Oasis Airlite Mural 


St Mary’s RC Primary School in Chiswick was audited by the Mayor’s Office among the 50 most polluted schools in London. In 2018 a group of parents set out to change all that and turn it into one of the greenest.

The largely crowd-funded campaign raised over £75,000, with another £32,000 from the Mayor of London. The campaign included the installation of a 400m living Green Wall and 16m air-purifying mural for a blank wall within the children's playground.

The project was executed by Arup UKIMEA whose experts provided landscape architecture and ecology advice for the new green wall in conjunction with ANS Group Global, a leading provider of living walls, moss art and green roofs. The 400ft living wall was planted with 12,000 plants, acting as a green barrier to the pollution from the busy A4 that runs alongside the playground.

With a positive focus on nature, Gina produced a large scale tropical design that included a number of butterflies, flowers and plants that was painted by the children and local community.

Sponsored by Airlite UK, the 35m2 wall is said to clean the air as effectively as 35 large trees and now forms the backdrop to the school's educational Edible Garden.

Celebrated with a day of festivities and fundraising, the newly installed Living Wall at Chiswick Oasis was unveiled by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan with support from local MP’s Ron Mushiso and Ruth Cadbury, Councillor Steve Curran and Mayor of Hounslow Tony Louki.


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