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Sustainability & Values

Creating with purpose

Our aim is to reduce the growing environmental impact that over-consumption and mass production of goods has on the world. This means not only designing the most beautiful product, but placing true value in what we make and creating with purpose for a more sustainable future.  

By taking a holistic approach to product creation we can help design-out waste resulting in meaningful products that will be in use for as long as possible. We achieve this by providing tailor-made solutions that are created bespoke to your needs.

    Implementing change through leading by example

    Rethinking how we operate as a design studio we can offer a new and more sustainable way of working. We create opportunities for change by:

    • Refining our design process - Using advanced digital technology to test and adjust designs before producing. 
    • Rethinking our sampling process - Reducing the option count on ‘own brand’ items in order to embrace the diverse requirements of bespoke and custom made.
    • Reducing landfill through digital resources - Providing customers with digital and downloadable sourcing materials to help eliminate waste generated from early stage speculative gathering of samples and swatches.

    Reducing the impact product design has on the world

    Looking at our business as a whole, we are continually evaluating how to improve both internal operations and processes as well as the products and services that we provide to our customers. We do this by:

    • Our research and continual investment in product development and production processes.
    • Partnering with accredited, responsible and trusted supply chain.
    • Reducing waste, lowering our energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint by choosing short-run fabric production and local manufacturing.
    • Changing the conversation and bringing awareness to commercial consumption. 

    Our Eco-Friendly Manufacture

    Printed and produced in England we focus on supporting the UK’s growing textile and creative industry. In doing so we are lowering our carbon footprint by tapping into an expanding economy of local manufacturing and eliminating the pollution from frequent travel to far reaching destinations. Our low production minimums enable goods to be made in small quantities, eliminating excess stock and reducing undue waste.


    >> Learn more about our digital textile print partners and their Eco-friendly accreditation





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