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Press release: FTM Exclusive

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A celebration of design, creativity and fashion heritage

This special edition scarf has been created by former Liberty of London designer Gina Pipét to celebrate the Fashion and Textile Museum’s dedication and continued support to design in fashion.

Printed on a beautiful silk twill fabric this unique scarf features a bespoke artwork that encapsulates the exuberance and vivaciousness of the museum. Embracing the fun-seeking signature colours and courageous architectural style, each line echoes the geometric shapes, forms and structures found within the iconic walls of the Bermondsey Street building.

This exclusive Fashion and Textile Museum scarf is printed and made in England promoting the traditional skill and craftsmanship that is at the heart of the PIPÉT brand.

Fashion and Textile Museum exclusive scarf by PIPET ©2015 PIPETDESIGN

The meaning behind the scarf...

‘Liberty in Fashion’

“Much like Liberty, the Fashion and Textile Museum is more than simply a department store or gallery. Both are places of importance in the fashion and textile industry, with a story and design heritage that keeps evolving. Having previously worked at Liberty for many years I spent a lot of time working with their prints and patterns as well as on their iconic Liberty scarves. With this exhibition in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate design, creativity and heritage by producing something truly special.”

Supporting new fashion

“I will never forget my first visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum after graduating from art school in Printed Textiles to see the Zandra Rhodes exhibition. The excitement I felt stepping into the colourful maze of swooning fabrics and giant printing screens was like nothing I’d ever seen. This was a lady that was not afraid to show her passion for colour and pattern...and who has been an inspiration to this day.

Over the last decade, Bermondsey’s Fashion and Textile Museum has told the stories of many inspiring designers. Today it continues to support not only designers of the past, but also emerging fashion businesses through its series of courses with Newham College. Over this last year or so the Fashion and Textile Museum has not only inspired my creations through it’s fantastic exhibitions, but has helped my fashion business and grow with it’s programs, seminars and networking events for SME’s.”

The Designer

Former Liberty of London, Gina Pipét spent 5 years working for the luxury British brand designing and developing it’s fashion and accessories - including working on their iconic Liberty scarves. Having spent almost a decade in the fashion industry, Gina now designs, manufactures and sells her own fashion and interior accessories under her eponymous label PIPÉT.

For press enquiries please contact:

Gina Pipét -

 Fashion and Textile Museum scarf by PIPET ©2015 PIPET DESIGN

Exclusive to the Fashion and Textile Museum

82 Bermonsdey Street, London, SE1 3XF

T: 02074078644

Open hours: 11:00 - 18:00

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