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Print talk: Modern Primitive

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When we talk about Folk Art it brings to my mind images of deep-rooted art and traditional handicraft. Throughout the world many cultures have their own version of Folk Art, a way of conveying a nostalgic story or meaning.

Be it a soaring carved Totem pole from the indigenous peoples in Canada to Aboriginal markings translating Australian dream stories - Folk Art is often a tangible, physical entity that exists as a method of remembering, teaching, and marking a trail of heritage.

For this collection we looked at how both traditional techniques and storytelling applies in today’s modern world. What it is that we pass on? What are todays sacred objects and keepsakes? And what does sacred mean in different cultures... is it a skill or physical possession?

We put together a few of our favourite images behind the mood and print inspiration:©PIPETDesign REVOKE THE FOLK Mood board ©PIPETDesign2016 L'Amour print inspiration board

The Heart

Driven by our exploration into various traditions and techniques, we were excited to discover the recurrence of the heart and how this one motif varied between cultures. Be it the common hand woven sweet-grass fan - a practical tool, nowadays offered as wedding favours to keep guests cool - to a precious intricate diamond set jewel passed on from a loved one.

We created our own modern interpretations of this ubiquitous symbol. Here's how we developed the prints for our scarf collection...

Kardia 90cm scarf design:

©PIPETDESIGN 2016 Kardia print board










 Vintage inspired heart necklace, image source


Amorini, Cupido, Amores - scarves and men's pocket square designs:

©PIPETDESIGN 2016 L'Amour collection










 Art nouveau diamond heart by Tiffany & Co.


Capelletti and Montecchi scarf designs:

©PIPETDESIGN 2016 Capelletti and Montecchi scarf prints










 Sweet grass fans, image source


Our 'Themes' for the prints...

Ethnic Expressions:

  • Brave motifs of tribal fashions and aboriginal markings.
  • Precise repetition, symmetry and controlled micro scales.
  • An energetic feeling of Party, Fiesta, Carnival!

 ©PIPETDESIGN 2016 Paris Pocket Square










Modern Primitive:

  • Naïve and modern. Creating a new minimalist folklore. Offering a fresh feel to ubiquitous tribal patterns.
  • Clean and contemporary yet pattern heavy.
  • Colour application and print scale play important roles in the overall aesthetic.
©PIPETDESIGN 2016 Amorini Scarf


    • Reflective yet innovative.
    • Enjoys the story of Folk and Craft and Artisanal Mastery.
    • Looking at romantic gestures such as precious jewels, and more practical everyday items that take on the associated character of the heart.

    ©PIPETDESIGN 2016 Capelletti print

     The L'Amour collection is light hearted and energetic. Prints are brave in scale, and the geometric nature of a signature PIPÉT print is present in each of the designs.

    Set perfectly to a daring palette, the carefully curated upbeat hues are paired with softer additions of pale rose and lilac to ensure a fun sophistication to the collection.

    Browse more designs in our L'Amour collection here...


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