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Dream No Small Dreams - Uplifting Art at South Bank

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Dream No Small Dreams Gina Pipet Oxo Tower Wharf 

A joyous tribute, this art installation celebrates one of London’s most significant cultural & historical landmarks, Oxo Tower Wharf. Inspired by its architectural grandeur each piece explores the ornamental features, stylized elements and iconic ‘OXO’ branded windows that illuminate our city’s skyline.

Dream No Small Dreams encourages self-belief, individuality and creative expression through a series of dynamic, confident and cheerful designs. The brief was to create 5 decorative art panels for installation on the Bargehouse at the foot of the tower, complimenting a newly proposed social platform with seating, planters and lush greenery.

Colourful and vibrant, the scheme looks to promote the venue as one of London’s most desirable places for people to meet, relax and enjoy themselves - all whilst taking in the iconic architecture that graces the Thames shoreline.

 Oxo Tower Wharf Pipet design


“The impressive Art Deco style of the Oxo Tower evokes a powerful optimism and monumental strength. Looking to this striking architecture I hope to symbolise the courage, energy and determination that connects each of today’s independent makers” Says Gina. 


Dream No Small Dreams, Pipet Design, Oxo Tower Wharf 

PANELS 1 & 2

Featuring an energetic up-scaled Deco pattern and architecturally inspired borders, these contemporary designs echo the creativity, energy and industry that the OXO Tower and Bargehouse represent. Set in to the existing surrounds, this pair of large ‘windows’ sees the OXO Tower and its decorative topper shining brightly in London’s skyline.


Dream No Small Dreams, Pipet Design, Oxo Tower Wharf, 2022


PANELS 3, 4 & 5

Each panel represents the fun, lively and vibrant nature of the OXO Towers' designer/maker studios, creative events and community feel of the Southbank. Elements within the artworks are familiar to the Tower itself, with each striking motif directly linked to the buildings physical form, its decorative features and impressive structure. We challenge you to spot them all!


Gina Pipet Installation for Oxo Tower Wharf


Gina Pipet is a designer, maker and artist from London, who has lived and worked on the South Bank for over a decade. Known for her distinct graphic style her designs explore abstraction and optical play through shape, colour and composition, often drawing on the man-made world and architecture as the focus of her subjects. 

In keeping with Gina's signature style, aspirational graphics, upscaled patterns and intense colours are used in abundance, characterising the lively nature of Oxo Tower Wharf and its vibrant creative community. The magnificent scale together with an uplifting palette aim to inspire, creating a welcoming place for children, families and wider community to discover, explore and enjoy. 

 “These works hope to compliment the industrial charm and embrace the rich history that is continually being written here on the South Bank” Says Gina.


Oxo Tower Wharf, Gina Pipet

Above: Gina Pipét on site in 2021 visiting three of the large scale windows included in the installation.


Title & works

Dream No Small Dreams, Pipet Design 2022

Dream No Small Dreams

Dream No Small Dreams urges us to reach beyond our self-imposed limitations and reminds us that extraordinary greatness can only be achieved when we dare to try. Creative practice takes self-belief, ambition and lots of motivation. Look to those around you for support and make the things that matter to you happen.

“Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Creative Happy People, Pipet Design 2022

Creative Happy People

This work celebrates the longstanding maker community at Oxo Tower Wharf. It represents the significance of having a place to grow and flourish, nurturing one’s creative practice. Finding a separate physical and mental space, where you can interact with other creatives, generate ideas and form your design aesthetic is so valuable. It’s important we continue to have organisations like Coin Street Community Builders who provide accessible spaces and make these opportunities available to the generations that follow.


Let Yourself Be Seen, Pipet Design, 2022

Let Yourself Be Seen

We often hide and edit our thoughts, opinions and creative expressions for fear of judgement or to fit in with the current social media trend. Staying true to yourself can be a difficult task, especially when exactly what that may be is continually evolving and hard to define.

Let Yourself Be Seen is about You doing YOU. Be all that you are and show your truly glorious colours. 


Today Is A Good Day, Pipet Design 2022

 Today Is A Good Day

Today is a good day, because you’re doing what you love. Today may seem like the hardest day, and its possible tomorrow will be even tougher as we strive to reach greater goals. It’s not easy to forge your own path in life, but only in the act of doing can we learn, improve and progress. Shun the doubt. Embrace the challenge, and live your best life. It’s time to enjoy the journey!


The Perfect Moment is This One, Pipet Design 22

The Perfect Moment Is This One

A creative mind is never usually a still one. The constant demand for newness when you’ve just made your best work leaves us little time to be still, take stock and appreciate the results. Sometimes we can forget to live in the now for always thinking about the future.

The Perfect Moment Is This One is a cue to pause, enjoy and be present in our day-to-day experiences. Why not capture your perfect moment and share your selfie here in front of this joyous piece!


Dream No Small Dreams Gina Pipet Oxo Tower Wharf 

This permanent installation consists of five large scale art panels installed in Nov 2021. They can be found at Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH and are free to visit.

The project is commissioned by Coin Street Community Builders.

PR & Comms

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