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IWD 2023 | Let's Embrace Equity Together

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With a different campaign theme each year International Women's Day provides an opportunity to learn, ask questions, raise debate and make positive steps forward. This IWD we take a deeper look at the campaign, and share some images from our #BreakTheBias photoshoot of 2022. A year on, and although the themes change, the struggles continue.

The IWD campaign for 2023 is #EmbraceEquity. It’s aimed at opening conversations as to why equal opportunities aren’t enough. To live in a truly equal and inclusive world we need to understand better the difference between Equality and Equity. I wanted to learn more, so headed over to the International Women’s Day website and started with their basic definition of each word: 

Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities.
Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

The IWD website has some great infographics and illustrations which help to articulate this really clearly. This short clip from Sharon Amesu below also gives a brief introduction to Equality vs Equity. 


Break The Bias - Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson 

This post originally started out sharing some great photos of four beautifully strong women who had faced gender bias in their lives and careers. Although the theme for this year’s IWD campaign has changed, the struggles continue. I wanted to share these experiences with you all to acknowledge some of the issues still faced today in the workplace.

'Mrs. Robinson' creator, Donna Ford is a London based photographer. She holds branding photo shoots and takes Power Portraits of women in business. After hearing first-hand so many stories of inequality, Donna got together a small group of her Power Women and held a shoot on IWD last year, inviting them to share their experiences as Mrs. Robinson. 


Yetunde and Prarthana Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography

Set to the theme of Mad Men’s empowered women, Peggy, Joan, Betty and Megan, the stories are connected by experiences of work, motherhood, discrimination and lack of choice. I had been invited to provide the accessories for the 60’s inspired wardrobe, and had an interesting day on set learning more about the struggles that are still taking place in the work place today.

Below are the stories and a few photos from the day.


Parissa Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography


Mother & lawyer Parisa refused to succumb to climate crisis overwhelm
and suggestions that she was simply hormonal or over emotional as a new
mum. Now she runs a a registered charity supporting the sustainable living
for thousands of folk in South East London and involved in groundbreaking
climate research. She’s also now a sustainability consultant.

Parisa wears our Classic Baltard Diamond Square scarf.


Prarthana Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography


When made redundant whilst on maternity leave, Prarthana’s life fell apart. Her confidence and identity shattered into pieces. But now she is a mum to two daughters is committed to doing her bit to create a future free of gender biases and being full of herself.

Prarthana wears our Graphica Skinny Silk Scarf 


Yetunde Break the Bias Donna Ford Photography 

Why are intelligent young women being pressured to settle down? Yetunde is a woman finding fulfilment on her own terms, without a man, trying to ignore the cultural blueprint passed on to and expected of her. 

Yetunde wears our Graphica Skinny scarves in Orange and Mauve


Liz, Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography 

Liz, sick of the gender pay gap and women’s inequality is now reclaiming feminine power in the restructuring of society. She strives for equality and harmony between the sexes, for a world that honours women and their unique bodies, minds and souls.

Liz wears our Twist Mini Silk Scarf


Yetunde, Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography


Despite the underlying reasons for bringing everyone together it was such a great day of collaboration and creativity. It really was a joint effort all round, with HMU:, Custom made dresses by @michelle.witheriff, Scarves and accessories provided by @pipetdesign, Studios: @sunsetstudioslondon, Lighting: @johnforddp, Creative direction and photography by @donnafordography 

 Set in a 'Mad Men' era, that still takes place today, each image portrays the stories and experiences, and the joy of breaking free from those bias. These are just a few of my favourite images from the day. 

You can see more of Donna’s work here and her post Mrs. Robinson featured with Estila magazine.


Liz, Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography

 Liz wears our Graphica Silk Scarf


Let's Embrace Equity together!

It’s important to continue working towards new belief systems which encompass gender and equity in hope of reaching a more equal world for all. IWD 2023 raises many interesting discussion points, and its all too easy to jump on the next trending # without really taking the time to understand it.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend taking a deep-dive into the campaign and having a follow on social media especially on the 8th March each year.


Parissa, Break the Bias, Donna Ford Photography



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