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How to Dress For The Changing Seasons

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With the weather seeming to change every few days, dressing for a temperamental climate can sometimes prove difficult.
Here at PIPÉT we love to make a statement, and that doesn't have to stop just because you're not yet ready to let go of your nice big winter coat. As the seasons change, layering of garments is key. For those of us who lead busy lives and on and off of transport, in and out of buildings, and hot-footing it through the busy streets on your way to your next appointment then 
a scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can add to your wardrobe this Spring.


Pipet Emile Square Scarf Emile 90cm Square Scarf


Here's a few top tips to get you off to a good start...

  • My personal mantra is to dress simple and go to town with the accessories. Scarves, gloves, umbrellas, some chic eye wear all add that personal element of style when out and about. 
  • Coordinating your scarf to clothes, shoes and accessories that you already own and love is a great way to comfortably introduce something that little bit braver into your wardrobe - without having to redesign your entire look. Think about matching to those gorgeous white patent slip-ons, your new navy leather clutch, or just a pop of nice matt lip rouge...

    Pipet M.Hulot and Ops&Ops Shoes

    L-R: Pipét Warner Skinny Scarf, M.Hulot Clutch Bag, shoes by OPs&OPs.


    • When dressing with print or pattern (especially for work or more formal occasion) we recommend keeping your colour palette limited and textures simpleChoose wisely, and think about colours that you know suit you and compliment your colour preferences. That doesn't mean dull....We love bold block colours!  


    Pipet Mezieres Square Scarf

    Mézières 90cm Square Scarf


    • Keep the statement pure and team simple clean lined garments with eye catching patterns.
    • Avoid novelty patterns that can be seen as seasonal and can be dated i.e Autumnal leaves or conversational beach scenes. Bold Geometrics, block colours and repeating patterns can transcend the seasons that much easier.
    • Invest in good quality fabric like silk and cotton that are breathable and can be worn across the seasons - even when the weather warms up.


    Pipet Landmark Silk Scarf

    Landmark 90cm Square Scarf 


    • One of our favourite accessories for when it's when it's cooler out is a Classic Square scarf. A 90x90cm square is a great size that is very versatile to style and wrap, yet folds up extremely small to pop into your handbag when indoors - it's a classic for a reason right?!
    • Always take a few minutes to lightly steam your scarf. Freshly pressed silk makes all the difference in how it sits when on and you'll feel much more confident, rather than spending the day worrying about yesterday's creases!
    • Tip - If you are travelling, don't have access to an iron, or are not convinced by the shower steam trick (jury is still out for me) then try gently hanging up your item overnight or lightly drape over the back of a chair to allow the creases to drop out. Gently rolling and putting away at the end of each day should keep away the deaded storage fold lines too.

      L-R: Dufrène, Baltard and Landmark 90cm Square Scarves in Black / Red.



        No matter what size or style, a scarf is a practical and simple way to add statement pop of colour into your wardrobe. Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with new prints and colour combinations. 


        Gina x



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