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Announcing London Craft Week 9-12 May 2019

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London Craft Week The Future of Craft

London Craft Week 2019: The Future of Craft
9-12 May 2019
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf

At PIPÉT we value beautifully considered design. We strive for perfection in a demanding industry, achieving the highest quality of well-made and finely executed product. From our in-house print designs to our small-scale manufacturing processes we continually push the boundaries of what can be achieved with contemporary technology and question the limitations of one’s tools. For us, our craft is not simply work that is laboured over for sufficient hours, but a profession that develops with time, experience and dedication to one’s vocation.

 Pipet Design Brutal Beauty Fabrics

PIPÉT Showcase - The Future of Craft

The opportunity to bridge the gap between Art, Design and Craft is one that is London Craft Week 2019 has achieved by joining together London’s most creative in front of an engaging and focused audience. ‘The Future of Craft’ at OXO Bargehouse is an excellent platform which showcases a wide range of modern-day craft applications. Bringing together a variety of makers and organisations under one roof, the show provides an opportunity to question what ‘Craft’ is nowadays and challenge the predefined boundaries that each discipline conforms to.

Discover our latest collections as part of LCW 19. Visit us as part of the Future Icons showcase in the gallery and see our latest range of interior fabrics, designs and products up-close, with the opportunity to meet brand designer Gina Pipét in person throughout the event.

Blog Series - On ‘Digital Craft’

In preparation for this year’s London Craft Week 2019 we reflect on the show’s title – ‘The Future of Craft’ with a series of short blog posts to support our showcase with Future Icons at LCW. In these posts, brand designer Gina Pipét looks at what ‘Digital Craft’ means to her label PIPÉT, the benefits of digital fabric printing, and how this innovative technology is influencing the way the those inside the industry design, make and sell nowadays.


London Craft Week 2019: The Future of Craft

9-12 May 2019
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
Daily 11:00 – 19:00 booking not necessary, free entry

Workshops, Talks and Demonstrations, booking necessary, free

For updates and ticket links visit:


Notes to Editors

Press Contact

Sophie Cain on 020 7021 1657 or
More details and high-resolution images available on request.
PIPÉT DESIGN is a London based studio founded by pattern designer Gina Pipét. Specialising in bespoke fabrics and statement accessories they create timeless design for fashion and interior.
Brand information and product images please contact: Gina at
LCW 19 Blog series can be found here: Blog News

‘The Future of Craft’ 9-12 May 2019 is curated by Oxo Tower Wharf in partnership with Design Nation and Future Icons director Louisa Pacifico.

Contact: Louisa Pacifico
For more information on Future Icons, and to find out about private tours of the showcase, please contact Emily at
London Craft Week is an annual event that showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands. | Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @londoncraftweek |Instagram, Twitter @pipetdesign Facebook @Pipetdesign | Instagram: @futureicons_ Facebook: | Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @OxoTowerWharf | Twitter and Facebook: @CoinStreet | Instagram: @Design_Nation_UK Twitter: @Design_NationUK Facebook:

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