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Southbank Billboard | Together We Can Beat This

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Amidst the current health situation it's encouraging to see how creative communities and organisations are working together to help stop the spread of Covid-19. 

A recent project by Coin Street Community Builders sees them supporting local artists and sharing positive messages via their digital billboard. Located at the foot of Waterloo Bridge the poster is displayed in one of the most prominent places along the Southbank, visible by cars, buses and visitors to the Southbank. I was honoured to be asked to join the project and create a unique artwork for the billboard.



Coin Street Pipet Design Social Distancing Billboard


Taking my weekly exercise in the local neighbourhood, I see the weekends getting busier and footfall ever increasing. With more and more people being tempted back to the Southbank I started to think how to use the space for the best. The most important message I could share at this time is to please, Keep Social Distancing!


The Southbank's iconic architecture

It's a pleasure to work on a project for my local community, and I love the opportunity to combine a pattern from our forthcoming Thames Collection of interior fabrics. 

The design is inspired by the graphic O's and X of the iconic OXO Tower windows. I wanted to convey the message of social distancing by showing the temporary physical separation needed to help improve the current state of our country's health. We can only achieve this by working together.


Coin Street Community Builders Pipet Design Covid 19



Help protect your community

One thing that you can do to help protect your community is to follow the Government health guidance and keep a safe distance apart. Two meters is the current advice, which can often be hard to achieve especially in more built up areas. So if you see someone on the approach, just take a minute to hold back, let them pass, or cross the street if needed, but please respect their space also. Fabric face coverings are also advised and can help stop the spread of germs.


Coin Street Pipet Design Billboard

Whilst in lockdown we must remain positive and look forward to a time when we can all safely enjoy London's Southbank again in full glory. 

Until then - Stay alert, stay safe, and keep social distancing!


  Coin Street Pipet Design Billboard Southbank

A brief moment outside without a face mask, but don't worry - it's actually in my pocket. I removed it just for the photo as there was no one else in sight.


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