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Tutorial - How to Sew your own reusable Fabric Face Mask

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to make a fashionable fabric face mask. Here I show you an easy way to make a reusable and washable face cover from 2 squares of fabric.

You will need:

  • x2 Squares of fabric measuring 20x20cm. One for the front and one plain for the back of the mask.
  • x2 60cm long pieces of elastic tape. 
  • Sewing thread and pins to secure your fabric whilst sewing
  • An iron and Ironing board
  • Cutter/ Scissors and ruler
  • Sewing machine. 

    For these masks I am using a selection of printed cotton fabrics from our previous collections for the front and a tightly woven, lighter weight plain cloth for the reverse. 

    I've found this design to be one of our favourite versions due to the adjustable elastic straps. The pleats create a nice cupped shape which helps give space over the nose and mouth to breathe. To make a mask with loops that fit around the ears you can adapt the same basic design by using shorter elastic straps sewn into the sides, instead of the top and bottom edges. 

    I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Thanks for watching!


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